About Us

About Rutgers iTV Studio

50 Years and counting!

The iTV Studio, a unit of Rutgers University Division of Continuing Studies, combines the latest digital technology with an award-winning team to provide a distinctive set of production services. We’ve served Rutgers for over 50 years, meeting a variety of complex communication and outreach needs. The Rutgers iTV Studio is a full HD production facility with studio and location capabilities, as well as a wide array of audio applications, multimedia services and content development support.  Our external clientele include local and state agencies, businesses, and worldwide broadcast outlets such as CNN, ABC, ESPN, PBS, and NPR.

Our productions are aired locally and worldwide, have been highlighted in many festivals and events, garnered numerous awards, including New York and Mid-Atlantic Emmys.  The Rutgers iTV Studio has a highly-talented and well-respected team of diverse specialists.  Our reputation is rooted in a long standing tradition of excellence.

Based in Piscataway, New Jersey, the iTV Studio is the only professional broadcast facility at Rutgers. Since 1965, our production studio has occupied one of the original Camp Kilmer Army buildings on the Livingston Campus. While the technology has changed over the years, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to quality.

We offer an extensive menu of services at competitive rates and would be happy to create a production package to meet your needs.

About Scarlet Media

Scarlet Media is the latest offering from the Rutgers iTV Studio. Through this initiative, the iTV Studio can now offer professionally supervised media production work created using University students as our staff. This enables a reduced cost, quick turnaround opportunity for straightforward projects that do not require broadcast quality standards. Through this offering, The Division of Continuing Studies expands the opportunities available to Rutgers undergraduates studying media who are interested in pursuing careers in filmmaking, broadcast television, editing and/or video production. 

Scarlet Media seeks to provide hands-on work experience for enterprising Rutgers undergraduates. While offering reduced cost options to the New Brunswick community, Scarlet Media provides student staff the opportunity to apply and develop valuable production skills in the service of real clients and customers who can benefit from their talents and expertise. Scarlet Media’s student staff gain valuable experience working in real-word situations, earn leadership positions on future productions, and even acquire new skills that will prepare them for success in the job market post-graduation.

Services include lecture and event recording, interview recording, editing, and the creation of videos for the web, promotional videos, and highlight reels.

Our Mission

To promote, support, and provide instruction at Rutgers University through television production and other electronic media; to provide a professional, broadcast-quality facility and information service, through the latest communication technologies, to the university, the state, and beyond.