Transmission Specs

Global Reach

Transmission Inquiries-- Coordinates are available call: 848-445-5007 ext. 0

iTV Studio Fiber/Satellite:

Engineering Trouble Line (PL): 848-445-5680

Studio IFB: 732-543-0397

Rutgers iTV Studio fiber connection to AMV Gateway, Carteret, NJ via Verizon (compressed ASI services and HD 1.5GB services)

Fiber cross connections are available. National and international satellite uplinks are available, digital and analog; specifications upon confirmation.


Rutgers iTV StudioStream Specs

  • URL--
  • An open ethernet port is necessary 
  • White listed IP connection and IT support is recommended
  • Streaming pricing is per hour 
  • Setup fees may vary

iTV Studio ISDN-Audio Dial-up Connection

  • 732-445-7012
  • 732-445-7013

Audio Control Room:

  • 732-543-0397

Audio Codec Unit: Telos Zephyr G. 722

  • L2 Mono 128
  • L2 JStereo
  • L2 AACF124
  • L3 Dual
  • L3 Stereo
  • L3 JStereo


Equipped with a "Whisper Room", 24-input Soundcraft Board, headphones, mix-minus and volume controls

FTP Available upon request

Max. capacity is 2 guests