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Transmission Specs

Global Reach
Transmission Inquiries -- Coordinates are available call: 848-445-5007 ext. 0

iTV Studio Fiber/Satellite:
  • Engineering Trouble Line (PL): 848-445-5680
  • Studio IFB: 732-543-0397
  • Rutgers iTV Studio fiber connection to AMV Gateway, Carteret, NJ via Verizon (compressed ASI services and HD 1.5GB services)
  • Fiber cross connections are available. National and international satellite uplinks are available, digital and analog; specifications upon confirmation.
Rutgers iTV StudioStream Specs
  • URL--  http://new.livestream.com/rutgersitv
  • An open ethernet port is necessary 
  • White listed IP connection and IT support is recommended
  • Streaming pricing is per hour 
  • Setup fees may vary
iTV Studio ISDN-Audio Dial-up Connection
  • 732-445-7012
  • 732-445-7013
Audio Control Room:
  • 732-543-0397
Audio Codec Unit: Telos Zephyr G. 722
  • L2 Mono 128
  • L2 JStereo
  • L2 AACF124
  • L3 Dual
  • L3 Stereo
  • L3 JStereo
Equipped with a "Whisper Room", 24-input Soundcraft Board, headphones, mix-minus and volume controls

FTP Available upon request  •  Max. capacity is 2 guests