Is the Rutgers iTV Studio a student run organization?

No, the Rutgers iTV Studio is a professional studio and production service run by seasoned media specialists who have worked in the industry and are vetted for their experience, creativity, and technical knowledge. All work done by the Rutgers iTV Studio is performed by these industry professionals, with the exception of the Scarlet Media team.

Rutgers iTV Studio involves students through Scarlet Media, a select team of undergraduates who provide quality videography and digital media services to internal University clients.  Rutgers iTV Studio also provides resources for the School of Communication & Information’s Specialty Camera Studio course.

iTV sounds similar to RU-tv (the Rutgers Television Network) and sometimes the two are confused.  However, they are separate units. Relying on student management and leadership, RU-tv operates and creates content for the campus television network at Rutgers-New Brunswick. RU-tv provides opportunities for employment, internships, living-learning communities, and hands-on television production experience to interested and engaged Rutgers students.