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Do you travel for production?Expand

Yes.  Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. 

Scarlet Media however only currently operates on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campuses.

How do I know quality?Expand

Well. Watch TV. Listen to your Radio. And surf that Web. There... you're now saavy. Use your instincts of what looks good and sounds good. And remember, some qualitative differences are due to what the client may have wanted in a production, what the budget was, the expertise level of the production team, and most of all --an unclear vision. Good quality is never obvious, bad quality will jump out at you.

The Rutgers iTV Studio has high quality, professional standards. Remember; you can't compare apples and oranges.

Check it out:

How much do productions cost?Expand

Good question.  Refer to our rates page for typical packages and average costs. 

Knowing your budget range is necessary to determine how many days of production you can afford and what type of services can be utilized.  People will tell you that it could cost $1,000 per minute.  But then those people are wrong because a six hour, single camera seminar is not $6,000-- and the client who paid $150K for a 30 second commercial must certainly feel befuddled.   Search and call around for pricing.  Look at sample work and--- like buying a car or refurbishing your home--- go with quality and people you trust.

You have choices.  Make Rutgers iTV Studio one of your options.

Is the Rutgers iTV Studio a student run organization?Expand

No, the Rutgers iTV Studio is a professional studio and production service run by seasoned media specialists who have worked in the industry and are vetted for their experience, creativity, and technical knowledge. All work done by the Rutgers iTV Studio is performed by these industry professionals, with the exception of the Scarlet Media team.

Rutgers iTV Studio involves students through Scarlet Media, a select team of undergraduates who provide quality videography and digital media services to internal University clients.  Rutgers iTV Studio also provides resources for the School of Communication & Information’s Specialty Camera Studio course.

iTV sounds similar to RU-tv (the Rutgers Television Network) and sometimes the two are confused.  However, they are separate units. Relying on student management and leadership, RU-tv operates and creates content for the campus television network at Rutgers-New Brunswick. RU-tv provides opportunities for employment, internships, living-learning communities, and hands-on television production experience to interested and engaged Rutgers students.

What is the difference between the Rutgers iTV Studio and Scarlet Media?Expand

Rutgers iTV Studio utilizes vetted industry professionals who will direct, light, produce and edit a large-scale or priority project. We provide a wide array of multimedia services, including content development, large-scale event coverage and live-streaming, audio applications, and broadcast capabilities. iTV industry professionals will ensure that a final product leaving our hands is broadcast-ready and meets your standards.

Scarlet Media is a new service offering from the Rutgers iTV Studio.  The Scarlet Media team is comprised of university undergraduates studying media production, overseen by our full-time staff. They specialize in producing content for web-based platforms, including online course materials, event recordings, highlight reels, and more. Scarlet Media provides hands-on learning experiences to students, while providing a lower-cost production service to the Rutgers community. Our student team is capable and helpful, committed to helping you develop a lower-budget project into a quality final product, from start to finish.

The Rutgers iTV Studio provides services to a wide range of University and external clients, and clients interested in broadcast, studio, or live-streaming projects should direct inquiries to iTV Studio’s production coordinator.  Scarlet Media works primarily for internal University clients, and only operates on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus.

What is your cancelation policy?Expand

So that we can offer you quality services at a reasonable cost, we manage productions by scheduling personnel, facilities and other resources cost-effectively.
If for any reason you need to cancel a scheduled production, we ask that you contact our office 2 days, or 48 hours, before the start time of the booked event, to avoid being billed. Voicemail and email cancelations may be done during office hours 5 days a week by notifying Debra Andriano, Production Coordinator, via email at andriano@docs.rutgers.edu or by calling 848-445-5007, ext. 2

Our cancelation policy and associated fees are as follows:

  • Cancelation 48 hours before project scheduled start time: No charge.
  • Cancelation between 48 hours and 24 hours prior to project scheduled start time: You will be billed 50% of the project cost unless iTV Studio is able to resell the time.
  • Cancelation with less than 24 hours notice prior to project start time: You will be billed 100% of the cost of the project unless iTV Studio is able to resell the time.
  • Cancelations of projects schedule for a weekend: You must cancel by 5 p.m. the previous Thursday to avoid any charges.
  • Rutgers University holiday or closure: You must add an additional 24 hours notification time per the cancelation periods listed above.
  • Project canceled before completion: You will be billed for all the services provided to your project including and up to the cancelation date.
  • Cancelations cannot be made by voicemail after 5 p.m. on Friday. The office is closed at that time and no one is available to retrieve messages. In cases of emergency, contact the Office Manager’s cell phone, which is provided upon project confirmation.