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DIY Project Studio

DIY with Professional Support

The newly updated DIY Project Studio is a self service workstation for simple video, audio and multimedia creation.   Located inside our Rutgers iTV Studio's professional broadcast facility, this comprehensive suite is available for academic support, course integration, presentations, podcasts, training videos and various digital applications. Equipped for video recording, audio recording, screen capture, teleprompting, and video editing, Rutgers faculty and staff can easily and independently produce simple multimedia content. Technicians from the New Media Center are also available for training and assistance.

Unique to the Project studio is its Glassboard technology. Glassboard technology translates the concept of a classroom white board to online instructional video, bringing a wider range of teaching styles into the online and hybrid environment. Learn more about Glassboards here.

Find out the DIY Project Studio Rates here.  Rates may change under special circumstances or special projects.

Contact the New Media Center Coordinator for booking or more information.  

Professor sits in DIY Project Studio behind desk surrounded by lights, cameras, screens, and microphones

  • Record presentations
  • Sony Robotic HD Camera
  • Powerpoint Integration
  • Voiceover
  • Encode for web
  • Glassboard technology
  • Multimedia creation

DIY Project Studio is OPEN from 9am-4pm, M-F